What You Need to Know About DStv Installation Price in South Africa for 2024

What You Need to Know About DStv Installation Price in South Africa

DStv installation price in South Africa will see changes come April 1, 2024. MultiChoice South Africa shared this news, hinting at adjustments due to various factors. These may include where you live, how complex your set-up needs are, and whether you’re setting up a new connection or fixing an existing one.

I once had my DStv connected and remember the installer discussing these exact points.

Finding out the cost for your specific needs might take some digging. Each price can differ based on simple things like if you’re in Johannesburg versus Cape Town or if you want more channels with an Explorer package versus a basic one.

It helps to ask around or check online for quotes from different installers near you before making a choice.

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Exploring the Costs of DSTV Installation

Checking out how much DSTV setup costs is key. The price can change based on what you pick and where you live.

What Drives DStv Installation Prices? A Simple Explanation

Several things decide how much you pay for DStv installations. The type of equipment, like decoders and satellite dishes, and the specific services you choose play big roles. For a basic setup with an HD PVR decoder or an advanced Explora model, costs can vary.

If your setup is complicated, expect to pay more.

Accredited installers usually handle these jobs because they know exactly what’s needed for each type of installation. Whether you’re adding Extra View for more screens or just setting up one TV, each choice affects the final price.

Always consider your decoder’s lifespan and model as these influence installation complexity and cost.

A quality viewer experience begins with expert installation.

DSTV Installation Packages and Their Prices

DSTV Installation Packages and Their Prices

The table below breaks down the DStv installation packages along with their prices, providing an easy reference to make an informed decision.

Installation Option Components and Services Included Cost Range (ZAR)
Basic Setup Standard dish kit, single LNB, installation, up to 25m cable R600 – R800
Premium Explora Installation Explora decoder, dish kit, smart LNB, installation, up to 25m cable R1,500 – R2,500
Single View HD Installation HD decoder, standard dish kit, single LNB, installation, up to 25m cable R800 – R1,000
Extra View Setup Addition of a secondary decoder, smart LNB, extra cabling, installation R2,000 – R3,000
Smart LNB Replacement Replacement with a smart LNB, includes installation and required cabling adjustments R700 – R1,200
Service Relocation Relocation of existing installation, including dish, decoder, up to 25m cable, and realignment R650 – R1,100
Signal Adjustment Service Dish alignment, LNB replacement if necessary, cable check and repair R350 – R650

Prices depend on the specific needs of the customer, such as the type of decoder, the complexity of the installation, and any additional equipment like a twin LNB or a satellite dish.

How to Find Reliable DStv Installation Experts in Your Area

  1. Start with Accredited Installers: Always choose accredited installers for your DSTV setup. These professionals have passed specific tests to ensure quality service. I once used an accredited installer and was impressed by the quick and correct setup.
  2. Use the Online Finder Tool: Visit DSTV’s official website and use their handy tool to find nearby accredited installers or dealers. It’s easy and directs you to qualified pros in your area.
  3. Ask for Recommendations: Talk to friends, family, or neighbours who recently had DSTV installed. They can share contacts of experts they had a good experience with.
  4. Check Reviews Online: Look online for reviews on sites like Google or local forums specific to your city—Durban, Pretoria, or wherever you are located. High ratings often point towards reliable services.
  5. Get Multiple Quotes: Contact several installers to compare what they charge for the installation and decoder price. This step helps ensure you get the best deal without sacrificing quality.
  6. Ask About Their Experience: Inquire about how long they’ve been installing DSTV products and if they’re comfortable with all types of setups, including full installations and dish relocation.
  7. Verify Their Credentials: Ensure the installer is really accredited by asking for their certification or checking their name against the list of approved installers provided by DSTV.
  8. Discuss After-Sales Support: A good installer won’t vanish after setting up your DSTV; instead, they’ll offer after-sales support for any issues or queries that come up later.
  9. Look at Their Equipment: Reliable experts use proper tools and accessories for installation, ensuring a durable setup that won’t need frequent adjustments.
  10. Check Availability – Make sure they’re available when it suits you best, showing flexibility and dedication to customer needs.

Choosing the right DStv installer makes all the difference in enjoying uninterrupted entertainment at home.

Details on DSTV Decoder and Installation Costs

Understanding DSTV decoder and setup charges is key. Prices vary based on the model and installation type needed.

Installation Prices for DSTV Explora

The cost to set up a DSTV Explora ranges between R2900 and R3500 for the whole setup. This includes getting your own satellite receiver ready for all those channels you love. For less money, there are smaller options that don’t take as long to install.

Choosing the DSTV Explora means enjoying more for a bit extra.

How Much Does a DSTV Dish Installation Cost?

Costs for DSTV dish setup can vary. You might need to pay R320.00 to R450.00 for a twin LNB, which is essential for connection. Labour charges add more to your bill, running from R420.00 to R750.00 per hour.

Finding the right price involves understanding these parts and their roles in the installation process. A metal satellite dish kit, along with smart card and remote control, forms part of the initial setup by Multi Connect when installing a single view HD decoder system to one TV position.

Keep these figures in mind as you plan your DSTV installation budget.

Overall Prices for DSTV Decoders Including Installation

Moving on from the cost of just the dish, let’s talk about getting your full setup ready. The total price for DStv decoders and installation might surprise you – it’s more affordable than many think.

This includes everything you need to start watching: the decoder itself, connection to your TV, and setting up your satellite dish. Prices depend on which package you choose.

For a standard setup with a DStv Explora decoder, expect to pay between R999 and R3499. This range covers basic installation to more complex setups like ExtraView. Keep in mind, prices vary by location and specific needs.

Finding deals can also lower costs. Always check for specials or installation vouchers that make it even cheaper to get started.

Average DSTV Installation Fee: What to Expect

Expect the average cost for setting up your DStv to vary, depending on package and location. Keep reading to find out more!

A Table Detailing the average Costs for DSTV Installation

Understanding the costs involved in DStv installation can help you budget effectively. Based on my experience and the current market trends, here’s a simple table to guide you through the average installation fees:

Service Average Cost
Standard DStv Decoder Installation R350 – R400
DStv Explora Installation R800 – R1000
DStv Dish Installation (Without Decoder) R400 – R500
Extra View Setup Varies based on complexity

This table outlines the basic idea of what you might pay. Yet, prices can vary. They depend on where you live and the complexity of your install. For a more detailed setup, like an extra view, costs can go up.

Always ask for a detailed quote from your installer. This way, there are no surprises. Remember, a good installer can save you money and hassle in the long run.

Comparing DStv Installation Prices in Major South African Cities

Comparing DStv Installation Prices in Major South African Cities

Prices for DStv installation vary across major cities in South Africa. Look at the differences between Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to plan better.

Costs in Cities Like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

Finding the right DSTV setup at the right price requires knowing what you’re up against, especially in major South African cities. We’ve got the lowdown on how much it might set you back in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

City Installation Package Price Range
Johannesburg Standard Installation R650 – R950
Cape Town Explora Installation R900 – R1200
Durban Dish and Decoder Setup R800 – R1100

Compare these prices, keeping in mind that the complexity of your setup can push costs up. Remember, opting for a trusted installer can save you money down the line, despite the initial outlay.

2024 Pricing for Brand New DSTV Installations

In 2024, the prices for brand new DSTV setups will change. This means you’ll need to check out the latest cost guides and tables for accurate numbers.

Table: Latest Prices for New DSTV Installations

The table shows the 2024 costs for new DStv setups. Prices have gone up for all packages, including Premium, Compact, and Access. You’ll see how much each package costs now and what you get with them. This will help you pick the right one.

I looked at this table before choosing my package. It made it easy to compare prices and find the best option for me. The installer I chose was nearby and knew a lot about DStv products. They did a great job setting everything up quickly.

What Might Affect Your DSTV Installation Charges?

Choosing the right decoder plays a big part in your DSTV installation cost. An Explora might cost more than other types because it has more features. The place where you live also changes prices.

Installation in Johannesburg might not be the same as in Bloemfontein or Cape Town.

Every house’s setup is different, making some installations trickier and pricier.

For example, a simple setup in an easy-to-reach spot will cost less than a complex one that needs cables run through walls or around obstacles. Deals like Price Lock or trade-in offers can lower costs too.

If you’re trading in an old decoder for a new one, this can make your installation cheaper.

Tips on Saving Money on the cost of DStv Installation

  1. Use Accredited Installers: Picking an accredited DStv installer ensures you’re getting the best value for your money. They know their stuff and often offer competitive rates to keep their accreditation in good standing.
  2. Compare Different Packages: Not all DStv packages are the same. Some come with features you might never use, so why pay more? Look at all the options and pick one that fits your watching habits without breaking the bank.
  3. Get Multiple Quotes: Don’t settle for the first price you hear. Ask around, get several quotes from different installers, and then choose the best deal.
  4. DIY If You Can: Sometimes, you can do parts of the installation yourself, like setting up the television system or running cables. Check out guides and videos online to see if it’s something you can manage before paying someone else.
  5. Purchase Vouchers From Retailers: Some stores sell DStv installation vouchers at discounted prices. Buying one of these can save you money on the overall cost of installation.
  6. Bundle Services: If you’re also in need of internet or other satellite services, bundling them with your DStv installation might net you a hefty discount.
  7. Off-Peak Deals: Installation costs can vary depending on how busy installers are. Booking your installation during off-peak times might be cheaper since installers are looking for work and may offer discounts.
  8. Refer Friends or Neighbours: Some companies give discounts or cashback when you refer others who also sign up for their services. This could offset your own installation costs.
  9. Keep An Eye Out For Specials: Both DStv and installation companies sometimes run specials where the cost of equipment or installation is reduced significantly—stay alert for these deals.
  10. Simple Maintenance: Learn how to troubleshoot minor issues yourself rather than calling—and paying—an installer every time something small goes wrong.

By following these tips, finding a way to save on your DStv installation becomes easier than ever before—leaving more money in your pocket for what really matters: enjoying great TV!

Costs to Consider for Satellite Dish Installation

Before setting up your satellite dish, think about the expenses involved. These include the price of the dish itself and labour charges. Labour costs can vary greatly, with prices in South Africa ranging between R420.00 – R750.00 per hour.

You also need to buy a Twin LNB, costing between R320.00 – R450.00.

Remember, choosing quality materials can save you from future repairs or upgrades, making it a smart long-term investment for enjoying DSTV trouble-free.

What Customers Are Saying: Reviews and Testimonials

After exploring the costs involved in satellite dish installation, let’s see what people think about DStv installers and their services. Customers often share their thoughts on the quality of installation, customer service, and overall satisfaction with various packages like DSTV Explora or DSTV Compact.

These reviews come from different places—online forums, social media pages, and official websites.

A customer said, I asked about DStv installation prices for my parents and got all the info I needed. Great service!

These testimonials help future customers make informed decisions. People trust these opinions because they come from real experiences. Whether it’s in East London or Sandton, hearing what others have to say can guide you to reliable experts for your DStv setup needs.

Finding Excellent Deals on DStv Installation

Finding Excellent Deals on DStv Installation

  1. Look for installation vouchers at selected retailers—these can cut costs significantly. I used one and saved a good amount on my setup.
  2. Check Gauteng DStv installers for affordable deals. They often offer packages that give more bang for your buck.
  3. Trade – in old equipment for new with included installation. This option not only updates your gear but also covers the fitting fee.
  4. Compare prices online, especially on installer websites. Don’t settle on the first price you see; another may offer the same service for less.
  5. Follow installers on social media for flash sales or limited-time offers. I stumbled upon a half-price deal this way.
  6. Ask friends or family if they know any installers who might offer discounts for referrals.
  7. Attend tech or home improvement expos in South Africa to find exclusive deals not available elsewhere.
  8. Subscribe to newsletters from tech shops and service providers—promotional emails often include discount codes or special offers.
  9. Lastly, negotiate with your installer; some may be willing to match competitors’ prices or lower their quote to seal the deal.


1. How much does DStv installation cost?

DStv installation costs vary, depending on your location and the type of service you choose. Prices differ across Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and other parts of South Africa.

2. What’s included in a full DStv installation price?

A full DStv installation includes the dish setup, decoder connection, and configuring settings for optimal viewing. It might also cover new DSTV Explora installations at special prices.

3. Can I find out how much to install DSTV near me?

Yes! You can easily find local DSTV installers who will give you up-to-date prices for installations near your area.

4. Is there a difference between DSTV Explora installation prices and regular DSTV setup costs?

Indeed – DSTV Explora installation often comes at a different price due to advanced features requiring specific setup processes; it may come with specials or bundled offers including the decoder price.

5. Do relocation services affect my DSTV installation cost?

Absolutely – if you’re moving or need your dish relocated, additional charges apply for reinstallation services to ensure your viewing is not interrupted.